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Other walkers' websites

These are the websites of other End to End walkers which I have found so far. If there are any omissions or broken links, please email me.

See also the page on route planning.

Some of these sites (marked ARCHIVED below) are no longer active. You can access these sites by clicking on the walker's name, then copying the site's URL onto this web archive site.

Year Direction

John Sutcliffe
A backpacking walk from Cape Cornwall to Cape Wrath.  Inland in Cornwall and Devon, then Offa's Dyke, the Pennine Way and West Highland Way.  The final stages follow the Cape Wrath Trail.  Now also published as an illustrated book, Cape to Cape.
2012 LEJOG Keith and Lynne Barnes A walk by a retired couple in a wet summer.  Inland in Cornwall and Devon, then using parts of the Cotswold Way and the PW.  In Scotland they followed a central route making good use of the National Cycling Network.
2012 LEJOG John Wilmut A walk by a 71 year old in aid of Christian Aid.  Inland in Cornwall and Devon, the Severn Way, the Alternative Pennine Way, Glen Tilt and the Lairig Ghru.
2012 LEJOG Marion Smith An entertaining blog by a 69 year old walking for charity, mostly camping.  Inland in Cornwall and Devon, the CW, PW and WHW in a fast 73 days.  Quite a lady!
2011 JOGLE Henry and Pete A charity walk by a man and a dog (Henry's the dog), south coast of Cornwall and Devon, parts of the PW, the WHW, mostly camping.
2011 JOGLE Dave Irvine Camping, via the WHW, the Annandale Way, the Lakes (in progress)
2011 LEJOG Ken Klug Another American's walk through a rather wet "summer", following a similar route to Jack Frost's
2011 LEJOG Jack Frost An American's walk via the north Cornwall coast path, Offa's Dyke, the Kinder Scout bypass and the WHW.
2010 JOGLE Gary the milkman WHW, then mostly on minor roads via a number of milk depots!
2010 LEJOG Steve Clifford A walk by a Canadian fan of UK walking and family history - north Cornwall coast path, Cotswold Way, Glossop (that's the Kinder Scout by pass route), most of the PW and the WHW.
2010 LEJOG Russell Whitmore Mostly on minor roads, but using the WHW and Great Glen Way
2009 JOGLE Marcus and James A walk in aid of the Alzheimers Society, mostly on roads (mostly because they each took a fridge.  Oh well...)
2009 JOGLE Jas and Stuart Laurance A walk by an Australian couple in aid of the Alzheimers Society, camping.
2009 JOGLE Nick and Charlotte Camping, an original route through the Flow Country and the central Highlands, then the PW, the Cotswold Way and inland through the West Country.
2009 JOGLE Steve Camping, via the Flow Country, the summit of Ben Lawers, the PW, the Cotswold Way and inland through Devon and Cornwall.
2009 JOGLE Richard Barr Camping, via the Flow Country, the Cairngorms, the PW and Severn Way
2009 LEJOG Alex Lagina Camping until injury forced a rethink, inland in Cornwall, then the Cotswold Way, Lancashire and the WHW
2009 LEJOG Ruth Martin A charity walk via the north Cornwall coast path, the Severn Way, the PW and the WHW
2009 JOGLE Nick and Mike Sanders A charity walk by road
2009 JOGLE Steve Evans Camping, by the WHW then mostly by road
2009 JOGLE Richard Barr A charity walk by a New Zealander, camping, via the Cairngorms, a route east of the Pennines, the Severn Way and mostly inland in Devon and Cornwall
2009 LEJOG Danny Diary (partly audio) of a fast  (52 day) walk, camping, inland in Cornwall and Devon, the PW, mostly roads in Scotland
2009 LEJOG Henk and Di A fairly leisurely walk over 4 months, via the North Cornwall coast path, Cotswold Way, parts of the Alternative PW and the PW, and the WHW, staying at B&Bs
2009 LEJOG Caryl and Archie With links to probably the first LEJOG tweets on Twitter (they won't be the last).  McCloy's route in 69 days.  Not bad for a couple of 60 year olds.
2009 JOGLE Sophie Easterbrook Camping with a dog (most of the way), via the WHW, PW and inland through Devon and Cornwall
2009 LEJOG Brendan Bolger Camping, the North Cornwall coast path, Offa's Dyke, the PW and WHW
2009 LEJOG Geoff Gafford Camping, inland in Cornwall and Devon, the Cotswold Way and part of the PW, then an original route to Scotland, the WHW and through the Northwest Highlands
2009 JOGLE Bob Preston A charity walk via the Cairngorms, the PW, the Gloucestershire Way and the north Cornwall coast path
2008 JOGLE Carol Pollock Another return walk - Carol walked LEJOG in 2007. Walk in progress...
2008 LEJOG Mike & Gayle Bird Camping, inland in Cornwall & Devon, Offa's Dyke, PW, then an adventurous route through the Grampian Mountains, and mostly Robinson's route north of the Great Glen.
2008 LEJOG Chris Berry A blog of a walk following McCloy's route, camping.
2008 LEJOG Frank Whittaker and Philip Chippendale North Cornwall coast, then mostly McCloy's route, using a campervan for accommodation.
2008 LEJOG Carlie Beavan and Ed Matts Two blogs of a charity walk via Offa's Dyke, Lancashire and the WHW, camping
2008 JOGLE Daryl May A return walk - Daryl walked LEJOG in 2007. WHW, the Lakes and part of Offa's Dyke. Another entertaining read.
2007/08 JOGLE Andrew James (aka Jim) A winter walk, camping (at first), via Cairngorms, PW, Offa's Dyke, north Cornwall coast. Blog with maps.
2007 LEJOG John Minack Camping, following McCloy's route. No diary on the website, but links to maps and lots of detail on kit.
2007 JOGLE Liz Surrey Camping, via Aberdeen and the East Coast to Newcastle, then inland
2007 JOGLE Graham Hart A walk in 3 instalments via the WHW, Lancashire, Offa's Dyke and inland through Devon
2007 LEJOG Daryl May An American perspective, great fun to read. B&Bs, mostly using minor roads (and the A9).
2007 LEJOG Allan Ricketts Camping, via Marches Way, Lancashire and the Cairngorms.
2007 LEJOG Carol Pollock Blog of a walk in memory of Carol's daughter Sophie, raising money for brain tumour research.
2007 LEJOG Alan Sloman B&Bs and camping, via Offa's Dyke and most of Scotland.
2007 LEJOG Dave Greenwood A winter walk, in a fast 60 days (he must be fit). Mostly McCloy's route. Check out Dave's slides and music on Youtube - very atmospheric.
2006 LEJOG Justin Halfpenny and Dan Hawkes Charity walk, mostly McCloy's route, camping.
2006 LEJOG Steve Blease Cotswold Way, the Lake District and the WHW.  Steve wrote one of the better published accounts of the journey.
2006 JOGLE Nick Barlow Blog of a north-south walk, staying at B&Bs and youth hostels, sometimes using bus shuttles.
2006 JOGLE Sandra Kaveney Charity walk, using a motor home for accommodation. Not much detail on route.
2006 LEJOG David Holmes Actually, he went to Cape Wrath. Camping, via SW Coast Path, Offa's Dyke, the Lakes, Arran and Mull.
2005 LEJOG Lisa Tylee Charity walk, SW Coast Path, Birmingham(!) and the WHW
2005 LEJOG Richard Fosh An entertaining diary. Mostly McCloy's route, with the Cairngorms variation, in an impressive 47 days.
2004 LEJOG Ed Beale A brave walk in autumn/early winter, with some camping. Useful practical advice on kit.
2004 LEJOG Pippin Offa's Dyke, PW and Cairngorms, mostly camping. Pictures here.
2004 LEJOG Mark Fletcher The Island Bagger: Lowestoft, the Lizard, Ardnamurchan Point and Dunnet Head (and LE and JOG) in 175 days, camping.
2004 LEJOG

Alistair Standring

Charity walk by a 70 year old, with 3 dogs, using a motor home for accommodation
2004 LEJOG Frank Rivett Charity walk in 70 days
2004 LEJOG

Richard Rockcliffe, Doug Barnett & Bryan Barkway

Charity walk in 36 days, using a motor home
2004 LEJOG Mike Kempster Charity walk in 66 days, routed west of Pennines
1990 to 2004 LEJOG John Butler Lots of detail, with great maps and photos. Sectional hike, using public transport.
2003-04 2005-06 LEJOG Steve Gough The naked rambler, who walked LEJOG twice, via a variety of prisons.
2003 LEJOG Mark Moxon Really professional site, lots of detail. Using B&Bs and YHs, mostly following McCloy's route.
2003 LEJOG Bob Warwicker 71 day walk, sponsored by a church
2003 LEJOG Clive Higgs
Charity walk in 99 days, via Norfolk and Cape Wrath - with a dog.
1999 to 2003 LEJOG David Cotton Sectional hike of 1653 miles in 117 days, via Cambridge and Cape Wrath
2002 to 2003 JOGLE Tom Isaacs
ARCHIVED - now published as a book, Shake Well Before Use
Amazing walk of 4500 miles in a year round the coast of Britain, in aid of the Parkinson's Disease Society (Tom has Parkinson's Disease himself)
2002 LEJOG Andy Robinson Andy wrote the latest End-to-End guide, published in 2007.
2002 LEJOG Donna and Steve Charity walk by a young Australian couple, camping.
2002 JOGLE Phil Bean North to south via WHW, PW, Macmillan Way and south coast of Devon and Cornwall. Nice photos.
1999 to 2002 JOGLE Alan Cook Sectional hike in 35 walking days by a Californian, mostly on roads.
1999 LEJOG and back Peter Gaskins This guy went everywhere, including the Shetlands and the Channel Islands. 2223 miles in 160 days.
1998 LEJOG Marilyn and Philip Slater Inland in Cornwall and Devon, the PW and Cairngorms, camping and B&Bs. Great website, published in 2006, with an entertaining journal in e-book form.
1997 LEJOG Andrew Walker Basic practical advice, still useful

Another walk

Oxford to Land's End: I enjoyed the north coast of Cornwall and Devon so much that in 2006 I walked the south coast path.

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